Construction DrivenDesign Solutions.

Our EPFC approach to project planning and execution integrates construction into early engineering stages. We segment and prioritize systems and areas into modular designs that are engineered for fabrication and construction as detailed engineering progresses for the entire project. We produce all standard engineering deliverables in accordance with best engineering practices for fabrication and construction, while eliminating redundancies of deliverables, increasing accuracy and maintaining higher quality versus abiding by the traditional EPCM approaches. Our proven, integrated approach provides our valued clients with the following significant benefits:
  • Reduced project duration and man-hours
  • Accurate cost estimating and robust project controls
  • 100% shop fabrication with higher productivity and under 1% rework
  • Reduced onsite construction duration and resources
  • Improved Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) results
  • Earlier client production revenue generation
Our clients are able to take advantage of our full EPFC service approach to plan and execute successful projects with more cost certainty, accurate scheduling and better quality.