Timely. Accurate.Providing Peace of Mind.

Our project services personnel facilitate the planning and execution of high quality, auditable deliverables on time and within budget. With proven policies, procedures and processes, we ensure that our clients are well informed throughout project lifecycles so there are no surprises along the way.
Our project managers drive project planning and execution. They identify and mitigate risks, manage schedule, cost and quality control and facilitate collaboration among departments to ensure quality deliverables are developed. As the primary point of contact for our clients, our project management personnel understand the need to keep clients well informed of project progress and provide clear communication on any trends and forecasted requirements.
Project Controls is a core element in EPFC projects delivery method. At the early stage of project initiations, our project controls team starts developing baseline schedules and budgets in addition to monitoring and controls tools. During project executions, actual performance of projects in term of schedule and cost are tracked against approved baseline budgets. An Earned Value Management System (EVMS) is applied to generate project indicators such as Earned Value (EV), Schedule Performance Index (SPI), Cost Performance Index (CPI), and Estimate to Complete (ETC). These project indicators are essential for monitoring project status and determining if any corrective actions are required. EPFC uses AACE guidelines in applying the project controls procedures and processes.
We obtain materials and services on a competitive basis while carefully balancing value, price, project schedule and all commercial and technical requirements of our clients. Our well connected and ethical procurement personnel possess up to date information on vendor and subcontractor availability, pricing and level of quality. Post purchase order, procurement works to support materials management in administering contracts, expediting and working with our in-house quality control specialists to ensure the interests of our clients are protected.
We derive accurate baseline estimates for multiple project stages using various methodologies. We maintain a database for internal historical, budgeted and actual project costs in addition to key vendor and subcontractor data and pricing which ensures further accuracy in our estimates. Our estimators review the costs of all project elements and collaborate with project management, fabrication and construction to determine the appropriate resources required for project execution
EPFC Corp realizes that quality control is paramount to our success. As a company that focuses on repeat business, we have invested in a quality assurance and control team. We have established several controls for our own engineering, fabrication and construction quality and further, have a robust vendor quality monitoring process as well. Our quality control managers collaborate with all departments over the course of the project, providing frequent and timely reports to client teams.
We plan and manage optimal transport strategies for all materials and equipment in accordance with industry best practices. We consolidate shipments, coordinate receiving, manage any damage and replacement requirement, manage custom clearing and monitor vendors for their purchase order commitments. In general, orders are packed, loaded, blocked, braced and secured for transport to the job site.
We process documentation and capture deliverables from multiple contractors to produce auditable records, providing sound evidence of our compliance with the policies and procedures of our clients and government legislation. Our document control personnel collaborate with all departments throughout project lifecycles, developing well defined turnover packages as projects close.